At Phoenix we believe that theatre training should always lead to performance and therefore we are always working towards showcasing our student’s skills, making our training purposeful and relevant to them. Allowing students to regularly perform to an audience is the key to quickly building self confidence and will benefit them in every possible walk of life.

At Phoenix we encourage our students to express themselves creatively. Our collaborative approach allows our students to be part of the creative process of devising theatre. Tutors nurture our young performers ideas and talents enabling their creations to come to fruition in exciting and original musicals, plays and films. The creation of a safe space where students feel confident and free to express is the key to keeping minds healthy.

At Phoenix we do not separate the basic skills of acting, dancing and singing. We believe that teaching all three disciplines together allows our students to connect and embrace all the skills and not view them in isolation. We do not aim to create actors, dancers or singers – we aim to create performers. Our extensive list of Alumni who are now working at the highest levels of the industry is proof of the fact that we are shaping the stars of tomorrow today.